Episode 13 – The Bitter Citizen – Caffeine

5 Comments Episode 13 – The Bitter Citizen – Caffeine

  1. Maria

    Hi Edward,

    Glad you are back. Enjoyed to listen to you and read.

    Would be cool if you update your ‘diet’.

  2. Joanna

    Hi Edward,
    How have you been? Still no caffeine? I’m on/off it. I’m a follower of optimal diet by Kwasniewski – he also thinks that ketosis is not desirable and it’s better to consume some carbohydrates to avoid it. Per thyroid, Kwasniewski states that thyroid hormones should not be too high, better in lower normal, which means that metabolism is more effective. What’s your viewpoint about it?

  3. Vanner

    As a slow metabolizer myself, I’ve deemed caffeine a devil of a drug. And when I’m off it, it’s easy to observe how over-caffeinated our culture is ☹️

    If I add 60-100g of sugar on top of the caffeine, I’ll experience a bit of mania followed by paranoia and racing thoughts (thanks Peat).
    As an aside, have you checked out Grant Genereux’s theories around Vit A overload? It’s quite interesting how he cured his autoimmune condition with a no Vit A diet; and has identified it as a possible factor in obesity.


    I’d be interested to know if you see any validity in his theory.

  4. Edward

    Joanna, I’d agree with Jan Kwasniewski on the thyroid. When thyroid hormones are lower you are actually metabolizing more fat.

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