Essential fatty acids, to be continued…

Everybody loves a little click bait. And this is click bait. As part of my ongoing “Unifying biology” series I had planned to do a post on essential fatty acids. It was one of the first things I planned on covering. Initially, as you can see below I have a good start. But then I got side tracked by other things I wanted to cover and because the more I read about EFA’s and the history of their research and their relationship with B vitamins the more I realized this particular topic was not going to be easy to neatly fold and place in the drawer. The truth is while I have been silent on the necessity of the classical essential fatty acids, I have been quite adamant of my position on polyunsaturated fats. Essential fatty acids have always been a sort of moot point for me, my assumption was always that if you are eating animal products you are going to get some depending on your favorite animal. That is true. But it turns out there is a story to be told. Stay tuned for the next post in my “Unifying biology” series.

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