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The Bitter Citizen Show

Today marks a change in stride. After being a professional scientist for over 15 years (though I still will be doing contract work), I’ve decided to focus on writing and developing a cult-free community focused on integrating nutrition, physiology, and psychology.

Together with Mark Pieciak, we will be hosting a weekly audiotape (podcast) and providing a community platform using Discord for subscribers only.

You may subscribe through Patreon here:


Additionally, this entire site and its contents have been migrated over to: http://thebittercitizen.com/

Here is the rundown from our Discord server:


(1) If you are seeing the #welcome channel and nothing else it means that (a) you are coming through a public link or a Discord invite link and are not a Patreon subscriber or (b) you are a subscriber and @Edward or @Mark have screwed something up with your Patreon permissions. If (b) is true then please send us an email to support@thebittercitizen.com so that we can correct permissions and you can continue to get what you are paying for!

(2) If you would like to become a Patreon subscriber and gain access this community please visit: https://www.patreon.com/thebittercitizen (3) If you are too lazy to click on that link here is a brief description of what we do here.

Hint: If you are too lazy to click that link you probably are suffering from metabolic derangement and should consider or reconsider (2).

(4) The Bitter Citizen is a science-based show about how nutrition, physiology, and psychology integrate with one another to form a feedback-loop between you and your environment.

(5) Why is this community private? This community is private for a number of reasons. However, the biggest reason this server is private is because we want to provide a troll free environment. So a number of assumptions are made. We assume (and hopefully rightfully so) that if you are paying:

(a) You want to be here

(b) You will be inclined to post constructively and thoughtfully

(c) You have disposable income and are responsible

(d) Know that time has a relationship to currency

(e) That the hosts spend a lot of time developing content

(f) That it is in the hosts best interest to continue to increase the value of the content per unit of currency to facilitate continued subscribership and a rich community

The Roadmap

(6) We kick off the first few episodes of the show talking about our personal history with different nutritional paradigms and reflect on the physical and psychological symptoms we experienced.

(7) Edward will introduce his unified histophysiological framework that satisfactorily integrates the disparity between different modern nutritional paradigms and accounts for ancestral eating patterns making the exceptional completely rational when considered in full context.

(8) We then will transition to the basics of nutrition and cover the major class metabolic substrates (protein, saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, glucose, lactate, ketones, and fructose) and show how Edward’s unified framework can predict substrate usage.

(9) Next we will talk about stress and adaption (and in order to do that we’ll have to talk about about antioxidant systems), the consequences of stress avoidance, and how psychological stress impacts physiological stress and adaptation.

(10) Then we will explore the relative feedback loops related to mindset, behavior at the individual level, at the group level, and at the larger societal level, and that is where culture, economics and politics come in.

(11) The idea is to build a coherent expression to explain what is going on in the world today and how all these pieces fit together and are interrelated, that things are not as random as they seem.

(12) Because of the implications of (5), outside of host developed content you have access to a rich community of subscribers who are intelligent, hysterical, tastefully inappropriate @Ben, and insightful @everyone. We challenge each other and are critical. If anyone is inclined to believe you are being a twit we will call you out or challenge whatever it is you are saying. We will challenge your reasoning not your idea.

If this this sounds peachy then head over to: https://www.patreon.com/thebittercitizen

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